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12 janvier 2010

(EP) Ch'ep


In TwoThousand and Ten be going into the woods to seek the "Ch'ep" or just take there

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12 octobre 2009

(EP) Ce chenouil


This ep is a musical fancy, lo-fi as white thread.

Do not touch your audio installation, everything is normal...

Hurry up, take this

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11 octobre 2009

(EP) Simiediseubeptiemol en mi melu


By the monkey who knows what good taste... There

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10 octobre 2009

(EP) Surprisep#4


Yes, we're in late for the birthday of Guy-loutre Asscake. Now there

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23 juin 2009



The 22th of June was Maurice's birthday, so here is the surprisep#3
As always, you can download it here

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16 mai 2009

[EP]Là (Dominichel McSlip +NAFM)


With a Bonus EP acculogogue.

When our live concagnettist sings, it sounds like this.

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11 avril 2009

[EP] Cartable


Do you like to travelling ?

NAFM brings you into the past where there was so many wow and flutter that you could stay in an unexistant world playing the flute.
Here is everyone's childhood.

Here is Cartable EP

For free

There as always

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07 mars 2009

[EP] Surprisep #2


We're permitting themselves of us to cut you the lyric -because we don't care you don't like being coifiched- to sing a happy birthday to Laurentin Cadlefist and a happy new year.
always the same story, with different characters and places,
Downloadable for free here

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02 janvier 2009

[EP] Santalope Chinchignan


The EP of de le fére la fééte curated by the trompe de phalloped NAFM Samantho Déboroh and Saroh.
If you still want to party your ass out off all along (alalalalalan) the year,

there as usual t

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01 janvier 2009

[EP] Placa Konspiransky


Here it is, some kind of general recollection of the past year.
All the explanation is in to of the disc mp3.

And now.
Enjoy all the placa of one whole year compressed 3:1 in 6 songs approved by coifiche himself, indeed.
NAFM brand new and autoborn.

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